Professional Values

Credibility and compassion are the basic ethics and the fulcrum around which the company rotates. We have always resisted temptations to complete our projects in haste, or with too much emphasize on commercial considerations. We have striven to unfold a new chapter in the field of Human Relations, wherein we firmly believe than since this is a profession, which involves, enlightened, trained and skilled Human Beings at every level, it is extremely imperative to handle all issues with a compassionate bent of mind, keeping the interest and well being of all involved.

One of the core basic tenants on which EXCEL functions is based on a very strong level of commitment and effort in building a truly long lasting and professional working relationship with its Clients, and in extension with all the prospective candidates too.

We have always prided ourselves as an Organization which is completely focused in trying to be an extended version of our Client's H.R Department.

The Management has firsthand experience of more than 25 years of handling the activities of personnel on Oil and Gas / Marine Projects in India / GCC and Central Asia. We also affirm to function within the given stated guidelines and discharge our obligation to full satisfaction. At EXCEL, we have a very refined and well laid out system, of identifying right candidates, and an elaborate procedure, to take care of the recruitment process and pre-departure regulations.

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