Overseas Placements

Since the management has considerable experience working on Projects in Central Asia (Ex Soviet Union Countries) it intends to use this rich exposure and tap the huge potential existing for deployment of skilled Manpower in this region. Post the breakup of the Soviet Union, the independent sovereign nations have embarked on a high spree Energy capitalization of their national resources. In pursuant to this objective, they have entered in to MOU with major Western Oil Companies.

The Projects currently underway involve, exploration, drilling, maintenance of Assets, production and laying of cross country pipelines. There is tremendous potential for skilled Indian personnel where salary structures are one of the best and working conditions highly congenial for operations. Efforts are underway to have Excel prequalified as an authorized Manpower Consultant, paving the way to tap employment prospects for our Nationals.

Since this is virgin territory, and the demand expected to grow over a period of time, we at Excel have a long term strategy to position ourselves as a major player in the field of HR in this region. Another aspect which the Organization is looking forward to capitalize on is the new potential existing in Oil and Gas Projects around the Globe. Along with the Persian Gulf, Africa and Central Asia, we are also in the process of consolidating our presence in the European Market.

It has been our endeavor to ensure that only high end openings are given preference, where all aspects, ranging from commercial considerations, living conditions and work culture of the Organization are taken care of. In a phased manner the Company intends to make inroads into white collar job opportunities which is in right conformation to India�s high percentage of young population.

Looking at it from a broader prism , we at Excel literally live up to our name, and ensure that every detail is given importance, however small may be its significance in relation to the larger picture

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